This week, we began to work on our daily schedule.  We tried to follow what will become our daily routine as closely as possible, while still working to develop good habits of following procedures throughout the school building.

We spent time during our writing period developing a Writer's Notebook and learning about different ways to use the Writer's Notebook to keep ideas for future writing.  On Friday, we had a guest speaker.  Richard Porter, a local poet, came to speak to the class about his use of Writer's Notebook.  We all enjoyed having him join us for Writer's Workshop, and look forward to maybe having him in again throughout the year to talk about other aspects of writing.

In math, we have been focusing on refreshing our basic multiplication and division skills so that we can move on the more in-depth ways to use our skills.

In reading, we have been working on independent reading tasks, and will start Reading Workshop next week.

We have started switching classes on Tuesday and Thursday with Ms. Lawrence's class.  We have Ms. Lawrence teaching Science on those days, and stay in with Ms. Asbell on Mondays and Wednesday for Social Studies.

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