For the students in Monday through Thursday classes we had class discussions about costuming and prop plans and practiced our plays on the stage.  I know they're going to be great, the students have been working really hard.

For the Friday students, this week was performance week!  It went great!  I'm proud of all of the hard work they put into learning their lines and getting costumes together.  Our kindergarten Aesops were adorable, and we appreciated having them to tell the moral of our stories.
Students were able to practice their plays on stage, with their castmates.  This helped the students to focus on their blocking.  The students also discussed plans for costumes and props. 
Students were able to practice their plays with their castmates in front of the class this week.  Students were also able to work on their drama unit research projects this week.
Students received the parts that they will be playing in their drama night presentations this week.  They also had the opportunity to do a read through with other members of their cast.  Students will need to work on committing their lines to memory and developing their character to bring to the stage on drama night.