Monday's class finished their original Cinderella stories this week. I'm excited for the students to share them with each other next week, we had a lot of imagination in these stories.

Tuesday-Thursday's classes finished their group drama research projects and practiced their skits that they will share with their presentations.  I'm eager for the groups to share with one another, I know that we will all learn a lot.

Also, this week the students took a pre-test over geography to help me gauge their prior knowledge and adjust my unit outline to fit what they already know and what they will need to know.  I think this is going to be a great unit.  There's so much to do!  Only 10 more weeks of class though, so we will have to be diligent in our quest for knowledge.
Monday and Tuesday's classes had dress rehearsals during the class day, and then their wonderful performances both nights.  I am so proud of all the work the students put into learning their lines and getting into character for their performances.  Way to go kids!

Tuesday and Wednesday reflected on their performances from the week before by sharing with the class "2 Stars and a Wish".  The two stars were for the students to list two things they liked about the performance, the wish was for them to be honest and tell what they wish they could change.  These classes were also able to write Thank You letters to Mrs. Schurman and her students at the High School for the opportunity to visit the drama department and learn new things.

The week was also spent working on drama research projects and Cinderella stories.  Friday's students were able to finish their presentations about Aesop and present them to the rest of the class.  It was very informative.
Monday and Tuesday classes practiced their plays and interacted with props in preparation for next week's performances.  Monday students also worked on their Cinderella WebQuest, while Tuesday students worked on their Drama research projects.

Wednesday and Thursday classes had dress rehearsals during the day and then gave their performances on Wednesday and Thursday night.  They did an absolutely fabulous job.  I'm so proud of each and every member of my class for all the hard work the put into their parts.  These classes also had the opportunity to work on their Drama research projects.

Friday students were able to discuss their feeling about their performance last week.  They also completed their research about Aesop, fables, morals, and anthropomorhism.  Each group's information was collected into one class PowerPoint and the students presented their parts to the class.