MAP Testing week 1 has come and gone.  We have finished Communications Arts, and 1/2 of Science.  Congrats 5th grade, we're almost there!  Next week we will do math and finish science.  I am so proud of your hard work and I believe in you all!

Also, students have started using a personal classroom social networking site, emodo.  It's a lot like Facebook, and we've been having a great time learning and using Web 2.0 at the same time!
We have been very busy in Room 210! 

Since our last newsletter, we have finished our Advertising WebQuest.  The commercials and ad turned out great.  I know that the students learned a lot about persuasive techniques used in advertising.  We have wrapped up our study of fractions and studied multiple digit multiplication and division.  We studied various genres and developed Glogs to teach our classmates about different genres.

This coming week, we will start MAP testing.  I know that Asbell's Amazing Academics are prepped and ready! Good luck to all of Room 210!