Students received the parts that they will be playing in their drama night presentations this week.  They also had the opportunity to do a read through with other members of their cast.  Students will need to work on committing their lines to memory and developing their character to bring to the stage on drama night.
This week, students were able to take a field trip to Joplin High School's Drama Department.  Mrs. Schurman, the drama teacher, and her students showed us various parts of the drama department including the stage, costumes, and props.  We were also able play improv games with the high school students, learn about commedia (an ancient theater type), and work on the technical aspects of theater.  It was a great experience!
This week the students and I focused on emotions, and how actors can use their knowledge of emotions to better portray their character.  We looked at a list of emotions and discussed the ones we were unfamiliar with.  We talked about strategies to determine the meaning of an unfamiliar emotion.  We also practiced showing emotions.  I think the students are really going to be able to incorporate this knowledge into their portrayal of their characters.